About Us

The Fío Formula

Born and raised in Dubai, we wanted to bring everything we’ve learned about performance based apparel from our friends abroad to our friends at home. We are a functional performance brand built on pillars of Forward-Fabric, Function, Fashion, and Family.

We stay true to our roots and aim to inspire, be mindful of the future, and reinvent the normal in sports performance. We are Fío.

Our Direction

Mindful of the future, we are focusing on innovating a fabric that was natural and recognised as being better for the planet. Creating design-led performance-wear with a reduced carbon footprint is the perfect compliment to a warrior workout.

Our Designs

Step into our clothing and become the embodiment of an agent of change. All of our designs are futuristic, functional, yet elegant. Performance made better through designs that you can run in, sweat in, do just about anything in.


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